Injection molding education

Business is just like sport:

If you want to succeed you have to train hard. If you want to be one of the winners, you need to keep your staff and your company fit.

We can train your operators/staff and teach them how to get the most out of the machines. Experience has shown that well-trained staff can make a major contribution to high productivity and quality.

Basic education in injection moulding – 1 day

With this training on the fundamentals of injection molding technology, your employees will understand the basics in injection molding and can apply that knowledge right away in their work.

Design for injection moulding – 3 days

The goal of this training proposal is to offer an education that gives employees in product development, sales, purchasing and manufacturing a good knowledge and understanding of the processes, rules and technical limitations in the design and injection molding of technical moldings in thermoplastic materials.

Process engineering – 6 days

Process engineering is the ”hands-on” of the practical Injection Molding. This course analyzes ways to improve productivity through better control of the molding process and gives an in-depth understanding of the molding process.

Methods to help identify and solve problems

Problem identifying and solving is a key skill, and it’s one that can make a huge difference for your production & process development. Based on your needs we offer theoretical and practical exercises in identifying and solving problem.