Cooling system

KREOL of Sweden AB has since 2008 worked to develop system-optimised and energy-efficient cooling water solutions for injection moulding and other processing industries, together with Hammarplast Consumer, TA Hydronics and WILO Sweden.
These tasks and our many years of experience working with education and product development for injection molding allows us now to offer a unique holistic approach for optimization and troubleshooting of both existing and new products, moulds, processes and cooling water plants.

Our offers

KREOL of Sweden AB has the methods, skills and equipment for:

  Hydronic balancing & control – of cooling water plants.

  Energy & flow analysis – to investigate deficiencies in existing system.

  Thermography & tempering analysis – of products & molds.

  Improved water quality & closed cool water systems

  Variable speed drive of hydraulic injection molding machines

   Injection molding education and training

   Product & process optimization – of injection molded parts.